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We are also the proud sponsors of the Webtalk Invite Days, a global monthly meet-up to help adopt Webtalk. Checkout if there is an event near you here.

About Vanuatu

Vanuatu (English: /ˌvɑːnuΛˆΙ‘Λtuː/ (listen) VAH-noo-AH-too or /vΓ¦nˈwɑːtuː/ van-WAH-too; Bislama pronunciationΒ [vanuatu]), officially the Republic of Vanuatu (French: RΓ©publique de Vanuatu, Bislama: Ripablik blong Vanuatu), is a Pacific island country located in the South Pacific Ocean. The archipelago, which is of volcanic origin, is 1,750 kilometres (1,090Β mi) east of northern Australia, 540 kilometres (340Β mi) northeast of New Caledonia, east of New Guinea, southeast of the Solomon Islands, and west of Fiji.

Vanuatu was first inhabited by Melanesian people. The first Europeans to visit the islands were a Spanish expedition led by Portuguese navigator Fernandes de QueirΓ³s, who arrived on the largest island, EspΓ­ritu Santo, in 1606. Since the Portuguese and Spanish monarchies had been unified under the king of Spain in 1580 (following the vacancy of the Portuguese throne, which lasted for sixty years, until 1640, when the Portuguese monarchy was restored), QueirΓ³s claimed the archipelago for Spain, as part of the colonial Spanish East Indies, and named it La Austrialia del EspΓ­ritu Santo.

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