We are the Webtalk Stars Team

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These are the benefits if you Join Webtalk with the Webtalk Stars Team
  •  50% added revenue share on top of Webtalk : we redistribute 50% of our net monthly revenue to our team members and charities. This alone can change your life even if you don’t have many referrals
  •  Dedicated one-to-one coaching  for all our team members: we help you succeed in Webtalk
  •  Access to premium ressources  to promote Webtalk
  •  Exclusive tools  to be more productive in using and promoting Webtalk
  •  A dedicated portal  to showcase you and help you grow your following

The Webtalk Stars Team is our team in Webtalk.

It was founded by Internet activist Jacques-Louis Kreiss, who joined Webtalk as an early beta user in October, 2018 and launched webtk.co in April, 2019.

The purpose of the Webtalk Stars team is to grow as much as possible while providing numerous and exclusive advantages to its members:

  • 50% revenue share with our direct referrals for life: we took the example of Webtalk who shares up to 50% of its revenue with its users and pushed it even farther, offering 50% revenue share with you on top of that. If the Webtalk Stars team (Jacques-Louis Kreiss) earns a net $100,000 in a month from Webtalk, it will redistribute 50% of that amount: $50,000 according to the following scheme:
    • $5,000 will go to non-profits and charities
    • $10,000 will be spent on training and coaching our members to help them succeed with Webtalk
    • $30,000 will be redistributed to our team members in the form of a monthly lottery with lots of $1,000
    • $5,000 are reserved for common expenses, taxes and transaction fees.
  • Dedicated coaching for all team members. Your success is our success that’s why we want to help you succeed with Webtalk
  • Access to premium ressources to promote Webtalk
  • Exclusive tools to be more productive in using and promoting Webtalk
  • A dedicated portal to showcase you and help you grow your following

We couldn’t be more generous with our team members. Now the decision is yours: do you want to join any Webtalk team or do you want to join the best Webtalk team?

To join Webtalk with the Webtalk Stars Team, click here.

We are live at webtalkstars.com

Update: we distributed our first commissions in August 2019 πŸ˜„ See how happy Iloanya is receiving her bank transfer from the Webtalk Stars Team 😍

We are transparent so you can trust us!

See our full redistribution history along with payments proofs in our Revenue Share Record

Expert Tip
Why do the stars choose the Webtalk Stars Team?
  •  50% revenue share bonus  for all our members: now you canΒ  help make many people lucky without you spending a dime because we do it on your behalf. Also our 5% donation to charities will help you showcase your support for a better world
  •  Dedicated one-to-one coaching  for you to grow on Webtalk, and experience-sharing with other celebrities and influencers that are part of the team, through dedicated channels
  •  Access to premium ressources  to help you promote yourself on Webtalk and earn a substantial income from your following
  •  Exclusive tools  to be more productive in using and promoting Webtalk like the webtalk.love URL shortener
  •  A dedicated portal  to showcase you and help you grow your following

This is how we intend to share our revenue with you:

Team Webtalk Stars Revenue Share Program

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