Webtalk on ABC Action News

Today Webtalk was featured on ABC Action News. Watch the entire footage here.

ABC Newscaster 1: “This morning we want to take you inside a local tech company, Webtalk – that believes that it can be the next Facebook.com. We created an ABC Action News Webtalk.co account so that we could get exclusive access.

ABC Newscaster 2: This is ABC Action News reporter Sean Daly in St. Petersburg where the new Social Media site says it gives users more control and more privacy.”

Sean Daly (ABC Action News Reporter): “RJ Garbowicz is working some seriously long hours these days.”

RJ Garbowicz (Founder & CEO of Webtalk Inc.): “…20 hours a day right now.”

Sean Daly: “That’s what happens when you’re trying to build the next Facebook. I have five gazillions social Media options out there, why do I want to be in Webtalk?”

RJ Garbowicz: “Webtalk allows you to manage all of your unique relationships based on where they belong in your real life where they should be in the virtual.”

Sean Daly: “RJ says Webtalk which is FREE allows users more control about who sees what.  Want to be buddies with your boss but don’t want them to know everything you’re up to?”

RJ Garbowicz: “Set up your permissions before you even connect them. Give them access to your professional information; give them access to your personal information or both.”

Sean Daly: “Webtalk looks familiar but it also merges elements of LinkedIn, Instagram and, their online marketplaces, so it’s the best of everything – the best of Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter…”

RJ Garbowicz: “…Yes, it truly is the best of everything combined.”

Sean Daly:  “Webtalk is an invite-only and is basically paying early users who help build their audience. RJ says so far so good. Webtalk he says already has almost half a million users Worldwide.”

Sean Daly: “Five years from now, where do you see Webtalk being, the number one Social Media site?

RJ Garbowicz: “…Oh, yeah, you know, for sure!”

Sean Daly: “In St. Petersburg, Florida, Sean Daly, ABC Action News reporting.”

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