Webtalk News Update by RJ Garbowicz โ€“ 2019-12-19

If you are just joining Webtalk, welcome to our family of Beta testers.

You were invited to join because someone cares about you and your future enough to invite you to be apart of a new revolution that is bound to change the world after investing 5-years and $8.5MM into our technology.

As we are soon to embark on the next chapter of our journey and launch our “free money” ad rewards campaign, it will be all of you, our Beta members, who will have the greatest income opportunity imaginable.

Upon Webtalk reaching the size of Facebook, we will have created the biggest redistribution of wealth the world has ever seen.

Currently, Facebook is generating $5 BILLION in revenue EVERY MONTH and upon Webtalk reaching that level of revenue, up to $2.5 BILLION of it will be going back into the hands of our members every single month!

The way our program is designed is to award our early adopters with the biggest opportunity to earn in exchange for helping us grow the community.

Webtalk is FREE and always will be, and so is the cash rewards program.

Yes, we do incentivize our members to upgrade to a premium feature service because revenue helps us grow faster. However, the service is 100% optional, and is not required to earn rewards, nor is it required to use all of Webtalk’s amazing free services.

All revenue from upgrades is reinvested into new technologies. Every new feature costs us approximately $5,000- $20,000 on average.

Therefore, the more revenue we have the faster we can roll out new features and services. It’s that simple.

When you upgrade to PRO, not only are you getting a much better premium Webtalk experience now, you are also investing into new features for you to use in near future.

Plus, you automatically qualify for the referral bonus paying 10% revenue share, and soon 100% point matching (points will redeem for cash), through 5-levels of referrals.

Only the first 1 million members to refer a PRO customer, or upgrade their own accounts to PRO, will earn this bonus. After that benchmark has been reached, the bonus is gone and we will pay rewards for direct referrals only. ie. The first 1M get their 5-level monthly paycheck forever.

Webtalk is NOT AN MLM. It’s a FREE hybrid rewards/affiliate program with a FREE multi-level LIMITED-AVAILABILITY BONUS commissission plan.

Again, this is a BONUS to thank you for being a Beta member, a PRO customer (or referring one), and helping us grow our community.

TIP: Our members who have already created success are simply focused on a goal of inviting one new member per day and helping them do the same. Even if you did that for 1 month it would look like this…

1. 30 members
2. 900 members
3. 27,000 members
4. 810,000 members
5. 24.3M members

Now imagine being one of the first 1M to earn the bonus and earning just $0.01, yes, just one penny per member each month… That’s over $250,000 per month in free money! Note: Facebook has 3B users now.

I cannot stress enough how powerful and life-changing this bonus can potentially be for everyone reading this right now who takes action immediately.

This bonus is so Webtalk can help create over 1M millionaires as our legacy. We cannot do it for everyone, so we decided that it’s our earliest supporters who deserve it the most.

So let’s work together and help us help you! We are on a mission to help the world create more success starting by helping to create 1M millionaires. Will you be one of them?


Source: https://www.webtalk.co/n/615119

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