Webtalk News Update by RJ Garbowicz – 2019-11-16

The 3 most valuable things you have in life are your time, relationships and data. Yet, the world is giving all of these away for free to social networks while they make billions of dollars from them.

That trend ends now with Webtalk!

> Earn from your time invested
> Earn from your content contributed
> Earn from your data provided
> Earn from your referrals when you invite them to join Webtalk and connect with you (earn when they invest their time and/or money)

Webtalk is sharing up to 50% of all revenue for life with YOU, our members! You come first!

Webtalk has to pay all expenses with it’s 50% share, then whatever is left, 10% goes to charity.

Webtalk is the first community built specifically to help the world create more success in everything we do. Webtalk was designed to make its members the biggest earners from the success of the community.

Plus, Webtalk is giving you patent-pending technologies to search, filter and organize your news, content and relationships to provide you with full control over your data to help you create more success.

Thanks to your data and support, Webtalk will soon be introducing the world’s first (patent-pending) peer-to-peer recommendation search engine that uses your crowdsourced recommendations to fuel the search results.

You’ll be able to search people, businesses and products that have been recommended by people you know and trust. As a search engine, you’ll be able to search everything and anything.

Imagine searching for a plumber, babysitter, new job candidate, accountant, attorney, lawn service company, or the perfect new car.

Webtalk’s search engine will use the recommendations of your network to drive the search results. This is why there is a “recommendation value” meter built into the connection process for every connection you make on Webtalk.

You can decide whose recommendations you trust the most so they appear first in the search engine.

Webtalk has already invested $8.5MM into its technologies to back us on our mission to help the world create more success.

In 2020, we plan to invest a lot more. The first three months of 2020 will be our biggest quarter ever as we plan to debut mobile apps, Ad Rewards, and Webtalk v3.0 packed with new features and a brand new design.

We will also be officially announcing several new massive partnerships along with one world-changing update.

If everything goes to plan, Webtalk will become the fastest-growing company in history next year.

I urge all of you reading this message to take action today because it will pay off heavily next year. Invite everyone you know to Webtalk, build your following, and post great content to your targeted audiences.

Please make sure you put friends and family in your personal network and share your personal updates to your personal network often. You can syndicate them to Facebook at the same time so they aren’t missed until all of your friends and family have made the switch to Webtalk.

Thank you all for joining our Webtalk family! We are wishing you a safe, happy, healthy and successful holiday season. More updates coming soon!

Source: https://www.webtalk.co/n/590794

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