Webtalk News Update by RJ Garbowicz – 2019-05-11

Thank you everyone so much for supporting Webtalk, especially those of you who just endured through a year of Beta testing with us. 

We are just as excited as you to have PRO features live now, and our affiliate program launching this month. 

Our goal is to pay out $1,000,000 in commissions this summer, which will make headlines worldwide, and change so many of your lives for the better. It will also help us launch new features, services and mobile apps faster since we are reinvesting 100% of our revenue to growth. 

Right now the sale of PRO feature packages are the only revenue streams available to earn commissions, but in few months we are looking to launch our self-service ad platform (similar to Facebook ads) where any user can create an ad budget to run targeted banner and sponsored post ad campaigns. 

When you refer a user who creates an ad campaign, you will receive 10% for their ad budget for life as well. 

Paying this out through 5-degrees of referrals will be 50% of our ad revenue. However, we are working out two additional revenue sharing programs that will have Webtalk paying more than 50%. 

1. Referral Engagement 
2. Viral Content 

We are looking to build an algorithm after launching our ad platform that will begin distributing commissions for every 100,000 ad impressions. 

The amount paid will be variable based on the users location who is consuming the ads. ie. Advertisers pay more to reach customers in the US and UK, therefore these ads will pay more. 

This will apply to both the content you create, and content consumed by your referrals. 

Therefore, the more you post and invite, the more likely you are to earn more ad revenue. 

Webtalk and our affiliate program are free and always will be. You will always earn 10% revenue share from your direct referrals to Webtalk as long as you have completed your profile to 100%. Even if you don’t refer a PRO customer, you will still be eligible to earn commissions from ads and all other future revenue streams. 

The bonus commision plan that pays 10% through 5-levels or degrees of referral separation is only being offered to the first 1M users who refer a friend, family member or colleague to Webtalk who ends up purchasing a PRO subscription. 

It’s our way of thank you for bringing us a customer, and helping us to grow the company without selling the company to venture capitalists. 

If you truly want the bonus, then my suggestion is to find and refer a user who needs the PRO features…ie. startups, dealmarkers, marketers, and even singles who see value in PRO. It’s a universal high-value premium service with a very low cost. 

This will help you get a PRO customer referral faster. We built Webtalk to help the world create more success, and that’s exactly what we intend to do. 

If you have any suggestions or comments, please visit our Help Desk help.webtalk.co. We are here to help! 

Please enjoy Webtalk. We are wishing you all tremendous success.

Source: https://www.webtalk.co/n/426557

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