Webtalk News Update by RJ Garbowicz – 2019-05-07

Next week we are giving Webtalk‘s referral dashboard a facelift! 

*New user interface 
*New Features… 

> Video link in the header 

> New 1M Bonus Qualifications Checklist + # of Bonus Awards Remaining 

> New “Referrer” widget showing who referred you AND if they are PRO AND the option to message them (if you are PRO or connected) and the option to connect 

> New income calculator 

> New PRO indicators, everywhere! 

To release the first version of SocialCPX sooner, we are going to simply add your wallet and tools to collect payment right from this new dashboard. 

When the standalone SocialCPX dashboard launches, you will have access to a robust set of data reporting widgets to track your inviting/marketing efforts, conversion rates to users and to paying customers. 

PRO members will have access to this data through 5-degrees of referrals if you have qualified for the 1M Bonus. 

You will have an amazing tool to calculate/forecast your projected earnings based on your new user referrals and revenue growth. 

You will have a complete digital wallet to allow you to transfer out your commissions or use them to make purchases on Webtalk

You will have an automated social network, email and sms marketing dashboard to allow for 1-click streamlined digital marketing. 

You will have a training dashboard that gives you a custom newsfeed to get news from your upline and communicate with your downline (cross promotion in this feed will be strictly prohibited) -only available to PRO members 

The release of the standalone SocialCPX dashboard and mobile app will be after we release PAGES for Businesses & Entertainers. 

Right now we are working to allow you to collect commissions and release the new onboarding process for affiliate enrollment. 


> Newsroom with new SocialCPX landing page 
> New onboarding for affiliates (e-sign agreement and import contacts via LinkedIn and PRO package promotional offer for affiliates) and… 
> the ability to COLLECT COMMISSIONS! 

PS: We are working on another potential promotional offer for our PRO Platinum annual customers, and if approved by our legal team, will automatically apply to those who have already purchased it.

Source: https://www.webtalk.co/n/424036

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