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?STEP 1) GO PRO for only $20/mo (less if you prepay for the year) to grow your network and take advantage of the 50% OFF FOR LIFE DEAL… https://www.webtalk.co/a/upgrade 

…Please see my previous post about all of the benefits of going PRO. 

?STEP 2) Invite 10 people to Webtalk to GO PRO (earn 10% of their monthly or yearly purchase) which will pay for your PRO purchase (10 x 10% = 100%) 

?STEP 3) This repeats through 5-degrees of referral separation and you earn 10% all the way through your entire referral network 

Attached is an image of your potential earnings if you invite 10 PRO customers and everyone else does the same through 5-degrees of referral customers… 

?Your first PRO customer referral awards you the 5-level commission plan as one of the first 1 Million… 

?TRY THE CALCULATOR FOR YOURSELF ON SocialCPX.com (scroll to the bottom of the affiliate page) 

PS: Webtalk plans to offer several more revenue streams to increase your commissions in the future. 

?LEARN MORE BY VISITING info.webtalk.co 

If you have referrals who want to upgrade with cryptocurrency, they can by getting a crypto-card from BitPay and using that card to upgrade. We are currently working on the ability to take crypto-payments directly. 


DISCLAIMER: This a real example of what could happen, but individual results may vary. Commissions are based on the sales of PRO customer referrals made by the people you refer and the people they refer. Other terms and conditions apply. Please visit your referral dashboard for official terms and conditions. No purchase is necessary to earn commissions. https://www.webtalk.co/rl/ 


Source: https://www.webtalk.co/n/421550

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