Webtalk News Update by RJ Garbowicz – 2019-04-19


Our PRO feature service launching at the end of this month has a lot of value packed into a one low cost. In fact, it’s 80% less money than our closest competition.

In addition, we are offering our Beta users, you, an introductory promotional offer of 50% OFF FOR LIFE on our PRO Platinum package.

The prices are as follows:

PRO: $20/mo or $200/yr
PRO Plus: $30/mo or $300/yr
PRO Platinum: $40/mo or $400/yr ***$200/yr to Beta users or less than $17/mo

When PRO launches, we are tracking your referrals who upgrade to PRO and showing you your pending commissions from those sales.


PRO Commissions: $2/mo or $20/yr
PRO Plus Commissions: $3/mo or $30/yr
PRO Platinum Commissions: $4/mo or $40/yr ($20/yr for the promo offer)

Your commissions will be paid after the official launch of the affiliate program this summer as long as you are qualified to earn commissions.

There is only ONE (1) qualification to earn commissions from your DIRECT referrals, and that is your profile must be 100% COMPLETE using the completeness meter on your profile.


There is only ONE (1) qualification to earn commissions from your referral network levels 2-5, and that is you must refer at least ONE (1) user who upgrades their free account to ANY PRO ACCOUNT ie. You have to make ONE (1) Pro sale


The first 1M (1,000,000) users/affiliates to refer either..

A. 1 PRO annual billing customer OR
​B. 1 PRO monthly customer who has billed for 12 consecutive months…
will be granted the 5-level commission plan bonus for LIFE!

Once this bonus milestone has been reached, the Bonus will be discontinued and only the users/affiliates who have earned the bonus will keep the 5-level, 10% commissions per level, commission plan for LIFE. All others will continue to earn 10% revenue share on the revenue generated from their DIRECT referrals only.

We will be launching a checklist tracker on your new referral dashboard to show everyone if they are qualified, and a counter to show the remaining bonus awards and if you have earned the bonus.

As Beta testers, you will be able to get pre-qualified before the rest of the world to assure you have a bonus spot.

As Webtalk launches new revenue streams, they will immediately be applied to your existing commission plan, whether it’s 10% on your direct referrals, or through an entire 5-level referral network.

All of the official rules to the referral rewards affiliate program will be posted soon, that will include all of the things you cannot do or say to get customers.

Your job is literally just to invite people to join Webtalk and connect with you. Webtalk‘s job is sell your referrals on the power of our PRO features to get them to upgrade, and also inform them about the referral rewards affiliate program to encourage them to invite their contacts as well.

We are wishing all of you tremendous success with our affiliate program. I know many of you reading this now will be in the 1M to earn the bonus, and we are looking forward to seeing and showcasing your success.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be inviting our top affiliates with the most PRO referrals to join us at the official SocialCPX launch event. You will be able to meet the Webtalk team, our partners and some well known celebrities. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Source: https://www.webtalk.co/n/410161

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