Webtalk News Update by RJ Garbowicz – 2019-04-09

Hey Webtalkers, I’m extremely excited about the coming weeks. The next release is a very big one, both in terms of size and historical milestones for Webtalk.

The next release in a few weeks will complete the core CONSUMER MVP (minimum viable product).

Our team has invested millions of dollars and many years working to get to this point.

It has been a long road while driving a horse and buggy, but when there is a will there’s a way, and we are finally here!

This post is to recognize all of those who have worked very long days for little to no pay to help make Webtalk a reality, most working vastly for stock because they believe in Webtalk‘s mission and our team.

Please help me thank all of the members of the founding team. I’m proud to call them my friends and extended family…

Jeff Catherell: Jeff and I have known each other longer than I have known my wife. He is uncle Jeff to my kids, my brother in arms and in life. He was the first outside investor in Webtalk and the most patient and understanding gentleman I know. Jeff is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, having ownership in a number of successful companies.

Basit Hussain: Basit came highly recommended several years ago by a couple of extremely successful technology executives as the “top” data scientist in our region. What began as a vendor partnership with his multinational software development firm, became a multi-million dollar venture partnership leading to Basit joining our team, and merging our technologist families.

Andrew Peret:Β Like Basit, Andrew came referred to me by another very successful entrepreneur, Jason Caras, who I’m proud to call both my friends and colleagues. Andrew’s reputation proceeds him as he led technology for Revolution Money and helped them get acquired for $300MM. Then he led technology for American Express as their VP of Technology before getting the entrepreneur itch and allowing me to convince him to invest in Webtalk and join our team as CTO.

James Pews: Last, but certainly not least, is James (AKA Jamie). My wife, Jennifer Everts Garbowicz, is a Principal and SVP at Sabal Trust, Florida’s largest independently owned wealth management firm in Florida. She had a long standing relationship with Jamie prior to introducing us. Jamie worked for Deloitte and led finance for United Rentals all before creating a successful accounting business in Atlanta, which he turned over to his partner to move to Florida and join our team.

Every single one of these people have been absolutely instrumental to our success so far, and I owe them a debt of gratitude for believing in me and my vision for Webtalk from the beginning.

George Dumitru: I want to give a special shoutout to my partner in design. George and I have been working with each other for about two years now from opposite sides of the world. He is an amazing UI/UX designer who jumped into a project to complete my unfinished designs, and for a designer, there is nothing more humbling since every designer wants to make their own designs and implement their own ideas. So I want to thank you George for enduring through all of the tough times and your willingness to compromise for the greater good. We wouldn’t be here without you either.

April, 2019 will go down in our history books as the most pivotal month in our development. This month marks the beginning to a new future, not just for our team, and you our Beta users, but for the world.

Webtalk News Update by RJ Garbowicz – 2019-04-09 1

Source: https://www.webtalk.co/n/402583

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