Webtalk News Update by RJ Garbowicz – 2019-04-08

WEBTALK UPDATE: v2.21 released

Good day Webtalkers, I’m happy to announce that today we released version 2.21, which includes our new real-time push engine!!!

Very excited about this feature because it allows us to offer everyone real-time notifications, messages and news. We will be utilizing this feature a lot in the future.

Now you will see your notifications popup in the bottom left of your screen as they come in! Soon, you will be able to see people replying to comments and messages in realtime.

This release also fixed the missing “About Me” section on profiles and private messages not scrolling past 10 posts in a message thread. There are many other fixes as well, and I will be posting the list soon.

As with all new releases, this one introduced a few new bugs that we are working to fix right away. We appreciate your patience and hope you enjoy the new features.

Next major release is PRO features slated for launch in 3-weeks!!!

Source: https://www.webtalk.co/n/402168

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