Webtalk News Update by RJ Garbowicz – 2019-04-04


Welcome to the final stage of Beta testing on Webtalk’s free consumer product. We will be doing one last major upgrade next week to fix bugs and release version 1.0 of our new real-time push engine (for messages, notifications and newsfeed).

Please keep in mind we will always continue to improve the free consumer product, but while work to release several new services over the next few months, there will be very little time invested into the free product for additional enhancements.

We will be launching our optional premium feature service called PRO, planned for the end of April, that is paired with two additional upgrades…

1. Site Search
2. Referral Dashboard

Once these are live and debugged, we turn our attention to our PAGES enterprise product and our new corporate NEWSROOM.

Depending on how Beta testing goes with PRO will determine the timeline of PAGES & NEWSROOM. If there are no bugs or overlooked/missing critical functions, we should be able to launch these additional services within 4-6 weeks from the launch of PRO.

Each week we spend extra on PRO services will push out PAGES & NEWSROOM. Then once PAGES & NEWSROOM are stable, we can plan the release of our free SOCIALCPX referral rewards affiliate program.

If you have questions, please visit help.webtalk.co for more information.

All referrals made to Webtalk now are tracked, and will be eligible for revenue share commissions with the launch of our SOCIALCPX affiliate program. The pre-launch tracking of your referrals is located within your Webtalk account in your account settings referral dashboard.


Webtalk’s mission is to organize and validate the world’s information, surrounding people and businesses, to create a trustworthy virtual economy.

Webtalk is working to create trust-on-demand using a proprietary verification process to validate data. This includes identities (individual and entities), references, backgrounds, transactions and news coverage…

Phase 1. Consumer Product (collect and validate people data)
Phase 2. Enterprise/eCommerce Product Phase (collect and validate business/product data)
Phase 3. Patent-Pending Marketplace Search Engine (collect and validate transaction data, while providing an enhanced search with the most credible, verified and trusted results on all datasets)

The days of making long and costly purchasing, hiring, investment, service provider and partner (business and life) decisions will soon come to an end. Trust-on-demand is due diligence-on-demand.

Today’s world demands transparency and validity. Webtalk plans to fill that demand.

In exchange for users giving Webtalk their data, and helping us validate it, we are giving them a host of tools to the help them manage all of their personal, professional and business relationships better, and a new search engine to locate the best of everything… people, businesses, products and services that have been verified and recommended by the people you know and trust.

Webtalk’s goal is to help the world create more success, leading to an overall better quality of life.

Thank you for joining Webtalk and supporting us on our mission.

PS: Webtalk is also donating 10% of profits to charity

PPS: Webtalk is paying out up to 50% of revenues for life to qualified users as a limited-time bonus offering with the launch of SocialCPX

PPPS: Webtalk is offering 50% OFF FOR LIFE to Beta users on Webtalk’s PRO Platinum premium feature package launching this month as a thank you for your support.

Source: https://www.webtalk.co/n/399295

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