Webtalk News Update by RJ Garbowicz – 2018-10-23


What Webtalk is today looks a lot different than the future we have planned. It took many years of research and development to architect and design a single system to create the world’s first… 


We are creating a virtual world where everyone can truly live, work, shop and play with ALL your real life relationships without your networks crossing. 

Most importantly, we are doing so with patent-pending technology to put trusted people, businesses, products and information front and center, pushing all bad actors out of the community. 

Imagine typing or saying the word “accountant” and a list of accountants, accounting firms and accounting products appear that have been rated, recommended and reviewed by people you know and trust. 

Then in 1-Click you can hire the accountant or book an appointment or make a purchase. This applies to all industries… engineers, lawyers, plumbers, contractors, etc. 

It’s like opening the black books of the people you know and trust and the people they know and trust. 

In order to accomplish this magnificent feat, we have to be better than all solutions we are looking to replace. This is a massive undertaking. We have to merge the best features from the platforms everyone loves, solve their biggest pain points and add our own unique features (and we have quite a few of them). 

Webtalk is building something truly world-changing and we need your help to do it. 

Platforms like Webtalk take a long time to generate advertising and subscription revenue without a large user base because Webtalk is FREE and always will be. 

That’s why we are offering all of our Beta testers (YOU) up to 50% of our revenue for LIFE, that will begin paying AFTER we complete Beta testing, for helping us grow our community. Our competitors never offered you anything, and we are guaranteeing that we will share our revenue through our free affiliate program forever. 

Right now, approximately $80 TRILLION changes hands annually in our global economy. 

An estimated 10%, or $8 TRILLION, does so exclusively on in the Internet, but that number is growing by approximately 8% every year. 

Webtalk‘s goal is to create a trusted global community that becomes the foundation to global economics, not just inside of Webtalk, by also across the Internet. 

Imagine going to any site online, being able to login with 1-Click using your Webtalk account via Webtalk Connect, then seeing the Webtalk Verify “Credibility Score” with reviews from people you know and then being able to “Checkout” with 1-Click using Webpay by Webtalk. 

Now imagine YOU, as our Beta testers, earning a commission every time a user in your referral network completes a transaction inside or outside of Webtalk. Imagine earning commissions as your referrals spend time on Webtalk from advertising, imagine earning commissions whenever they upgrade their accounts to receive premium features. Imagine referring businesses who purchase ad space and job services and earning a commission. 

There truly is no limit to how much you can earn, but there is a limit on the people who can end up in your referral networks. That limit is the entire Internet population minus the users who end up in other people’s referral networks. 

Therefore, we recommend you invite everyone you know now before someone does! 

Please see my profile for more details on how to get started with Webtalk. 

Thank you all of joining Webtalk and helping us change the world! 

PS: We are also donating 10% of all profits to charity through the Webtalk Foundation. Please visit my profile for details.

Source: https://www.webtalk.co/n/162907

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