Webtalk News Update by RJ Garbowicz – 2018-10-12

WEBTALK UPDATE: When marketing Webtalk you can only use Webtalk’s trademarked branding, copyrighted screenshots and copyright content for promotion, NOT FOR PROFIT.

Any marketing systems used to drive traffic to Webtalk that charges a fee, and/or makes a profit, CANNOT have any of Webtalk’s trademarks or copyright materials on them. (ie. Mailchimp is a great tool for custom Webtalk invite emails with no Webtalk branding or copyright content on their product)

NOTICE: ShareInTheRevenue.com has violated Webtalk’s trademarks and copyrights and will face legal action if not immediately remedied to adhere to Webtalk’s Cease and Desist order and Terms of Use policies.

Additionally, anyone using these unapproved paid systems will lose their privileges of participating in Webtalk‘s affiliate program.

Please do not join ShareInTheRevenue.com as it is NOT approved by Webtalk, nor any other site that charges for “Webtalk exclusive marketing systems”.

Webtalk’s SocialCPX.com dashboard is a FREE tool to help you increase your referrals that will go live AFTER Beta testing is completed.

During Beta testing, invites to join Webtalk should be personal to people who you know. There is little value in promoting Webtalk to people who don’t have people they know using Webtalk yet.

Statistically, people don’t begin using networking apps daily until their top 5 closest relationships have joined. That’s real friends, family and coworkers you talk to daily already.

During the Beta testing, those 5 people should be your biggest focus to invite to Webtalk, then your top 10, then top 20, etc.

By everyone doing this, your referral networks will grow exponentially without any costs to you or your referrals.

Thank you for joining Webtalk‘s Beta launch. We are wishing all of you success.

Source: https://www.webtalk.co/n/134924

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