Webtalk News Update by RJ Garbowicz – 2018-10-02

WEBTALK UPDATE: Everyone has been asking about how we plan to get everyone to make the switch to Webtalk because of the content and time committed to Facebook and LinkedIn.

The answer is Facebook and LinkedIn solved that problem for us. In your settings of both sites, you are able to download a copy of your ENTIRE history on those sites. This includes every news post, photo, video, Like, and even ad preferences.

After our Beta, we are deploying a feature that enables all users to upload your Facebook data and sync it with your personal network on Webtalk and upload your LinkedIn data and sync it with your professional network on Webtalk.

It will be like you never skipped a beat.

I would also recommend downloading a copy of your data now just so you have it.

Source: https://www.webtalk.co/n/89282

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