Webtalk News Update by RJ Garbowicz – 2018-09-28-3

DID YOU KNOW? In order to earn revenue share from your referrals your profile must be 100% complete (using the completeness meter on your profile).

This includes:

*Your Real Name

*A real Profile photo of you (we recommend a professional photo) (Note: There is a feature request to also add the ability for a 2nd personal Profile photo for personal connections only)

*Your current and/or previous job title(s). (Note: If Webtalk is your only job, then please put “Independent Affiliate Marketer @ Webtalk”)

*Your education history/background

*PROFESSIONAL RECOMMENDATIONS AND/OR CHARACTER REFERENCES FROM PEOPLE WHO KNOW YOU (people who you have worked with YOU in the past, or currently work with you, or people who know of your abilities and character, who can attest to your abilities to perform the duties you committed to doing, which includes being a student if that applies. (Please note: there is no timeline to get this done, as soon as it is done you become eligible for commissions)

*Get 10-connections (we recommend you connect with people you know)

*Add a bio, this is a professional summary of your work/education experience

*Add your contact info (note: this can be private to only you)

Your profile must be 100% completed to be eligible for revenue share commissions.


This is our mission: “Organize and validate the world’s information, people and businesses to create a trustworthy global virtual economy”

“Validate” and “trustworthy” are the key words in the mission. We are willing to share our revenue with those who are willing to help us fulfill this mission.


Go to your profile, click edit or the pencil icons, and add your information.

Please invite people who know you personally/professionally to “Recommend you on Webtalk” by asking them “Please recommend me on Webtalk” with your profile link.

Not only can get recommendations this way, you can also get referrals. Recommendations should come from someone who can give you a good character reference.

PLEASE NOTE: Having a 100% complete profile will also help you get a lot more referrals because your invite emails and links are connected to your profile. If you profile is complete, it will lend a lot more credibility to your referrals to join Webtalk.

Source: https://www.webtalk.co/n/74124

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