Webtalk News Update by RJ Garbowicz – 2018-09-13


Webtalk’s patent-pending SocialCRM technology took 5-Years and $6.5MM to design, architect and engineer.

What does it mean for you?


Simple segregation of your friends, family and professional contacts + segregation of your inner and outer networks.

Using our BUILT IN LABELS when you make a connection, you create a…

A. Searchable Rolodex for your contacts

B. Channelled newsfeed (like a built in group)

C. Content management to filter your content based on the networks you share it with

D. Profile that only displays your content to the users who have permissions to see it based on the privacy setting you set when you post your content (profile front page has privacy settings built into each profile widget)

E. Notifications that can also be filtered by your networks so you don’t miss important updates.

Using the “KEYWORDS” when you connect, you create searchable tags in your contact management platform for your (examples) sports teams, clubs, schoolmates, neighbors, etc.

EXAMPLE: Then by going to contacts, clicking “personal” and in the search typing “neighbors” all of your “neighbors” will come up and SOON you will be able to do a “Select and Message All” for INSTANT private group chat.

SOON you also will be able to use the newsfeed SEARCH BAR to also filter by your contact’s tags

Using the “NEWS & RECOMMENDATION VALUES” when you make a connection allows you to add each contact to your “inner” important contacts and “outer” less important contacts



Tagline: This is a one-liner that describes you best to the world

Banner: Click the edit button on your profile to edit your profile banner, recommended banner size is 2000 wide x 350 height

Widgets: Integrated privacy settings on the widget, drag and drop to organize your profile the way you want

About Me: Allows HTML to customize and inject videos

Showcase: Your photos, videos and files all have their own unique gallery pages.

In short, your profile is a mix of LinkedIn, old school Myspace, Instagram, YouTube and Dropbox with the look of a world class responsive website branded just for you (our special touch).


Posting Content: Attach ANY kind of file: Photo, Video and Files (we pulled the video player due to slow upload times but we are introducing video 2.0 soon)

Targeting Communication (stop spamming your contacts): Using built-in groups by selecting “Custom” from the dropdown menu

NOTE: Custom posts also have the ability to be shared CONFIDENTIALLY, which removes the share function

Group/Channel Filtering: See the news you want from who you want when you want

Content Filtering: Filter your entire feed displaying ONLY photos (like Instagram and Flickr) OR ONLY videos (like YouTube) OR ONLY files (like Dropbox)

Keyword Search: Search your news by keywords (more functions coming soon)

***BONUS FEATURES FOR DEALMAKERS*** (recruiters, entrepreneurs, investors, vendor procurement reps, sales, business development, etc.)

MORE LABELS = MORE CHANNELS/GROUPS connected to each company on your profiles

CURRENT vs PROSPECT CONTACTS: Divide these contacts to manage existing relationships and build new ones

NOTES: Add notes that receive a timestamp

PS: Some of the cool new features we are working now are mentioned in our invite email!

Please enjoy our Beta and WELCOME TO WEBTALK! Thank you for helping us make the world a better place!

Source: https://www.webtalk.co/n/35501

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