Webtalk News Update by RJ Garbowicz – 2018-09-10-3


There are three ways to connect with users:

A: Open the connect menu and “Save Contact” from each users profile, this adds the person to your contact management system without following them or sending them a connection request

B: Open the connect menu and “Follow”, this allows their public news to appear in your newsfeed

C: “Connect” is the default icon that appears, upon clicking it will open our patent-pending SocialCRM module. Upon connecting, you will be following their news based on the permissions they give you and vice versa. You will also be able to private message the user.

This module allows you to set permissions for each individual user based on their value…


Basic user: Segregate friends, family and colleagues both in your contacts and in your patent-pending Newsfeed channels that sort and filter your connections based on the labels you give them.

Dealmakers: Segregate your professional contacts even further to create new contact folders and custom newsfeed channels. You can even mark contacts as a “Prospect” for sales, recruiting, vendors, investors, etc. to create new contact folders and channels instantly.

KEYWORDS: When you add keywords to a contact, these are searchable in your contact management system to help find them later. You will also be able to filter your newsfeed by these keywords as well.

NOTES: You can add simple timestamped notes to each contact both at the time of connect and later when you pull them up in your contact management directory. The notes are also searchable.

NEWS VALUE: Let’s face it, everyone has there inner and outer circles of connections. This tool allows you to see more news from your inner circle and less from our outer circle.

RECOMMENDATION VALUE: It’s similar to above, but the value to this feature hasn’t launched yet. We will be pulling results in our search engine for you based on the people who you have given the highest recommendation value. Think of it as an inner circle recommendation engine that pulls search results based on the highest rated in each users recommendation engine.

ie. You search for a accountant, Webtalk will look for your highest recommendation value contacts, then search their highest recommendation value contacts and so on to pull accountants from everyone’s inner circles of trust.

Source: https://www.webtalk.co/n/28578

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