Webtalk News Update by RJ Garbowicz – 2018-09-07

Webtalk‘s FREE SocialCPX affiliate program commission plan overview…

1) It will go live after Webtalk is out of Beta testing (date TBA)

2) Webtalk and the affiliate program are free and always will be

3) After the affiliate program launch, to enroll you have to sign a digital agreement (during onboarding) to agree to the terms, have an avatar, a completed profile (using your completeness meter to guide you to 100%) and are logging in posting at least monthly to Webtalk. (There is an importing contacts requirement as well, but that may altered or changed to include unique link clicks)

4) The commission plan pays you 10% of all revenue generated by the people you invited to connect/follow you on Webtalk, who had to create an account to do so.

REVENUE STREAMS: (order is subject to change)

Phase 1) Optional Premium Feature Package Upgrades ($20/$30/$40 per month OR $200/$300/$400 per year w/ two months free) -you will earn 10% every time a card is charged

Phase 2) Advertising: When you refer a business to Webtalk to create a page, you will earn 10% of their ad budgets to promote their company and products to Webtalk users

Phase 3) ‘Buy Now’ Ads: When you invite people to Webtalk who instantly purchase a product or service from a ‘Buy Now’ ad you will earn a 10% commission on what we make from each sale. Due to privacy laws, these commissions will show up as additional advertising revenue

Phase 4) Corporate Ads: When your user referrals are accruing ad impressions and ad clicks as they use Webtalk, you will generate a 10% commission on all click and impression revenue (this includes all non-member visitors to the public profiles and business pages of your referrals)

Phase 5) eCommerce: Webtalk will enable eCommerce on Pages first for companies to sell their products. You will make a 10% commission on our 10% transaction fee (1% of every purchase). This will also show up as additional advertising revenue due to privacy laws.

Phase 6) Labor: Webtalk will enable users to sell their their time by the hour or by the project on their profiles. You will make a 10% commission on our 10% transaction fee (1% of every purchase). This will also show up as additional advertising revenue due to privacy laws.

Note: Phase 5 & 6 will also include a patent-pending marketplace search function to help users find products and service providers recommended by the people they know and trust to increase sales.

Phase 7) Talent Solutions: Webtalk will deploy a virtual recruiting service for businesses to search for specific job candidates. You will make a 10% commission on all revenue generated from these services by the businesses your refer.

Note: If you refer people who own a business and they create a business page, then they are the direct referral to the business because businesses are separate accounts and seperate affiliate accounts. The only exception is if you refer them and they create the business page before creating their personal account so you end up referring the businesses directly.

5) The PRO premium features also have to be deployed and beta tested. Anyone who upgrades their free account during the PRO Beta will receive a 50% OFF Discount on the PRO Platinum package for LIFE!

6) As a bonus for when the affiliate program goes live, the first 1M affiliates who have referred just 1 user who upgrades their free account to any of our PRO premium packages will receive a 10% commission on all revenue generated by all referrals through 5 degrees of separation. That means the referrals of your referrals and so on through five tiers of referrals pay out 10% on all revenue generated for those users as listed above.

Note: If there are more than 1M sales during the Beta, all who qualify will be awarded the 5-tier commission plan (prior to the official affiliate program launch)

Source: https://www.webtalk.co/n/19506

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