Webtalk News Update by RJ Garbowicz – 2018-08-24

Good things will come to those who wait and INVITE! πŸ™‚

This is a Beta test launch for our product (Webtalk), and a pre-launch for our affiliate program (SocialCPX).

In order for SocialCPX to provide substantial commissions to our affiliates, Webtalk has to be a product the world wants to use so money can be made from advertising and premium feature subscriptions. We are almost there.

Right now we are fixing bugs, optimizing performance, eliminating friction points and releasing more engaging features. Once that is completed, then we are deploying Pages for Businesses/Celebs, then Pro premium features and our Help Desk.

Once that is complete, we are launching native apps.

Then finally, we open up the SocialCPX affiliate program and start paying commissions, which will be staffed with its own support team including advisors who will be conducting two live webinars per week. The webinars will be recorded so you can share them.

While I know many of you would like to start making money right now, I assure you that all of your referrals you make today will automatically transfer to the affiliate program once it goes live.

If you take the affiliate program seriously now, which I strongly suggest you do so you don’t miss the opportunity, you could have tens or even hundreds of thousands of users within your referral network when we launch the affiliate program.

Even if the revenue is low when commissions kick off, because it takes time to grow revenue, we are still projecting the average commission per user will start around $0.10-$0.25 per month. If you have 100,000 free users in your referral network, that’s $10K-$25K per month that instantly starts paying out, and it didn’t cost you a cent.

Then as we increase our revenues, we also increase your commissions. As the user base grows, we can charge more for advertising. We will also release our marketplace once there are enough users to support it.

We project getting the average monthly commission per user over $1 within the next few years. That means the same 100K users could potentially payout $100K+ per month without you doing any more work inviting people.

This is our way of giving back to the world, and the people who helped us create our community.

Please remember, the commission plan that pays through 5-degrees of separation is only available to the first 1MM qualified affiliates.

Otherwise, the plan only pays commissions on your direct referrals, which still could add up for the influencers who join after the first 1MM. (ie. Someone who can directly refer 100K people can still make up to $100K per month)

Becoming a qualified affiliate is simple and free, you enroll in the affiliate program once it goes live and then you instantly become qualified as soon as one of your referrals purchases a premium feature package.

ie. The qualifier is a 1-Pro subscription sale quota, which those packages begin at $20/mo. and will be similar to LinkedIn premium features plus a few of our own unique premium features such as “Ads Free” where we remove banner ads, “Stealth Browsing” where you can see who viewed you, but they can’t see you, “Spotlight Posts” where Webtalk will send your contacts both an internal notification and an email notification with your news post and premium contact management features for dealmakers.

Webtalk will be teasing all users with the premium features as you use Webtalk to increase free-to-paid user conversion rates, so you don’t have to worry about selling anything as an affiliate. Webtalk will do it for you.

Thanks for being a part of our Beta and helping us change the world. Good luck and happy inviting!

Source: https://www.webtalk.co/n/4706

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