Webtalk News Update by RJ Garbowicz – 2018-08-23

If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is…

However, if there is some merit to the information you received its always worth investigating, IMO, because you don’t want to miss out on the real opportunities.

Study the real missed opportunities so you know what to look for when new opportunities present themselves. Professional investors back people, pain-solving products, traction, big market opportunity or all of the above depending on the stage.

If you invest small money and time, I would treat it like the professional investors and do homework to reduce your risks.

Remember, every time you promote a failed opportunity you lose credibility with your network and you have to rebuild. Therefore, my suggestion is choose your opportunities very wisely.

PS: This is why Webtalk hasn’t and will never ask for your money to be a part of our affiliate program.

Our program will always be completely free.

The opportunity with Webtalk is getting in early (which you have done if you are reading this) and building a referral network by inviting people to the future of communication (yes, I’m talking about inviting people to Webtalk ?).

By helping us grow our community, we are sharing our revenue with you for life. Like the largest competitors in the space, they had to build a large database of users by offering a free service that people wanted to use everyday. Once that goal was accomplished, money from ads and premium features could be made when people were willing to pay to reach a large audience.

Our goal right now is to create a free product that truly helps small business professionals manage their relationships better, ultimately helping them create more success.

In the near future, we are releasing social login, our new 2nd generation β€œSocialCRM” contact management tools and many other features.

After those are stable, we are launching social news syndication so you can post from Webtalk to all other major social networks at once. We are also launching a new video platform with plans for live video.

We also have EventWave in development, which is Webtalk’s messenger, events and meetup app rolled into one. It’s really cool.

We are also going to be rolling out our private channels and public clubs platform that’s like Slack meets groups with an optional paywall where our users can charge a membership fee for people to join their virtual club.

Our collaboration suite of tools is going to be like Google Drive meets Newsfeed where you can collaborate with real time editing on files right from the newsfeed.

Webtalk has many more products in different stages of development…

Pro – premium features

Pages- accounts for Businesses and Celebs

SocialCPX -Webtalk’s free affiliate program that shares revenue with you, Webtalk’s users

Verify – a Universal ID Credibility Score built on blockchain

Freelance – a tool to sell your time from your Webtalk profile

Stores – a tool to sell products and services from your Webtalk Page

Marketplace, powered by patent pending search technology – locate and hire any worker/company or purchase any product from verified users in your network

Jobs – a free job listing service

App Store -Integrate other apps with your Webtalk account like Dropbox, CRMs such as SalesForce, Slack and many others.

Admin -Assign admins to your personal, professional and business accounts

Webpay – our internal banking and payments platform

Webtalk Coin – our own crypto currency

Crowdfunding – a tool for businesses to raise money on Webtalk

Developer – our public API platform where other companies can build on top of Webtalk

We have $6.5MM invested and that’s only the beginning.

Over 5-Years has gone into planning/building Webtalk, and our rollout strategy, to create what we call our own…

Decentralized Global Economy

Our goal is to become THE destination to do business online.

During our research we found the only way to accomplish this goal was to solve the world’s biggest communication problem… contact management.

All relationships have different values and stages, which are not reflected anywhere online.

Source: https://www.webtalk.co/n/4437

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