Webtalk Invite Day

To boost worldwide adoption of Webtalk, the Webtalk Stars Team has launched the “Webtalk Invite Day”, every first day of the month. Everyone is welcome to participate. The only rule is: be creative!

Let’s meet worldwide every first day of the month to share our love for Webtalk, the new social media, and invite our neighbours, friends and the passers-by to join!

If you are already in Webtalk, come and meet other Webtalkers, share your passion for Webtalk, exchange the latest tips and tricks, and come to invite the passers-by to join your team!

If you are not yet in Webtalk, or don’t even know what Webtalk is about, use this day to discover the platform, create your account, write your first post and start inviting your fellow friends/family/colleagues or even the passers-by to join in your team!

The only rule is: BE CREATIVE!

If you are an artist, you can show your passion for Webtalk by organizing a happening!

If you are a musician, why not play a song about Webtalk?

Picnics are welcome too.

Don’t forget to take pictures of the event to publish on Webtalk and other social media! Send us your pictures so we can publish them on our feed!

PS: read the story of Amara and how she overcomes the Facebook of her time inΒ #Analog2030, the new science fiction discovery of the year.

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