Webtalk FAQ

Our comprehensive Webtalk FAQ… Coming soon.

Is WebTalk a scam?

Who is behind WebTalk?

Does WebTalk plan to conquer the world?

Webtalk’s ultimate goal is to Decentralize Virtual Economics, according to its founder.

When will WebTalk be translated in my language?

What Programming Language does Webtalk use?

Webtalk uses Angular and Nativescript for the front end. For the back end, Webtalk relies on Clojure, Node, OrientDB, NginX, Docker, AWS, Beanstalk, S3, Salt, ElasticSearch and Jenkins.

Will Webtalk have it’s own cryptocurrency? 

Chances are, Webtalk will have it’s own cryptocurrency. In 2018, Webtalk’s founder RJ Garbowicz stated they were planning to put all affiliate accounts on Blockchain Technology with smart contracts so they can be sold and transferred like any other business

Will Webtalk embrace Virtual Reality (VR)? Will Webtalk embrace Augmented Reality (AR)?

According to this job offer, Webtalk plans to work closely with Magic Leap, a startup company specialized in Augmented Reality.


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