Webtalk CEO demos Patent-pending Social CRM and Newsfeed

In a newly released video, Webtalk‘s CEO RJ Garbowicz demonstrates in-depth the power of Social CRM.

CRM means Contact Relationship Management.

When you connect with another user on Webtalk, you are offered instant contact segregation by professional and personal network. It is like having Facebook and LinkedIn working together.

Webtalk’s CEO then demonstrates:

  • The ability to add timestamped notes.
  • The use of tags that you can later use as keywords to search into your virtual rolodex for contacts matching specific terms.
  • The use of custom channels when choosing the privacy settings for a post.
  • The ability to change those privacy setiings on-the-fly.
  • The use of the “Confidential” stamp which disables the share function.
  • Advanced Newsfeed filtering by media type, Custom contact group and keywords.

Enjoy this masterclass from Webtalk‘s founder RJ Garbowicz!

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