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In this presentation by Webtalk’s founder RJ Garbowicz, you will learn how the Ad Pool Rewards will allow every Webtalk user to earn a comfortable passive income based on their activity and the activity of their referrals. Influencers can easily make a 5-6 figure monthly income with Webtalk.

Video Transcript

Everyone: RJ Garbowicz founder and CEO of Webtalk.

This video is to quickly go over the new Ad Rewards Pool that we’re getting ready to launch hopefully before the end of the year.

If you don’t know about Webtalk we are the first all-in-one networking platform that offers market defining technologies that include integrated Universal contact management for personal, professional and business use, the first ever social syndication Magic Newsfeed that allows you to post to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Slack and soon Instagram all at the same time.

We also have universal profiles which consolidates all of your personal and business profiles into one beautiful interface so we have all these market defining technologies: this is just one more.

The add rewards pool is revolutionary.

We are pledging to give up to 50% of our revenue back to our member base forever.

That includes advertising revenue, subscriptions, marketplace, travel, you name it: anything that we do in the future, up to 50% of that is going back into your hands.

Now I’m gonna show you a sneak peak of the Ad Rewards Pool that we’re getting ready to launch here soon.

This is the widget so the widgets gonna be built into every single page in your account so it’s easy to see how you’re earning points and points are gonna redeem for cash.

Now I’m going to show you the calculator that we’re actually developing right now for the new ad rewards program and this is just a sneak preview so you can get an idea of what the potential earnings are.

So first is how you’re gonna earn points, engagement points you’ll earn per month: you’ll earn one point for post like, for comment, for share, for profile view and you can earn up to a hundred points per day. That means on a day with thirty one day or a month for 31 days you’ll be able to earn up to thirty one hundred points.

How influencer points are made is by making content posts, either videos or photos or posts and getting likes, comments and shares so every like is gonna be worth 10 points, every comment is gonna be worth 20, every share is gonna be worth 30.

For a quick example if you were to get a hundred likes on a post that would be a thousand points. If you get a hundred comments on a post that’s 2,000 points. So right there in one post you can make about 3,000 points. That doesn’t include shares so we’re estimating about a hundred thousand points will be earned on average per individual user on a given calendar month so if you take those points and you multiply it times the amount of revenue that we’re expecting the point value to be you’ll earn on average, the average person will earn about ten dollars a month. It’s not a whole lot of money but it’s ten dollars more a month than Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter are paying you now.

If you’re an influencer though or a content creator or blogger it can add up very very quickly so let’s say you earn you know ten million likes on a video that you posted that you’ve created or some viral photos that you sent out, well, if you do that a few times a month you can quickly get up to a hundred million points which will put you at a six-figure income as an influencer or a content creator or blogger so it won’t take very long to get to your points.

The next step and the biggest earning potential is going to come with a referral rewards program: so with referral rewards if you can refer let’s say ten people – in this example – and those ten people on average generate a hundred thousand engagement and influencer points per month, so like what you could do up there they could do now. Let’s say out of all those ten people five percent of them which would be a half a person upgrades to a premium subscription (so our premiums remove ads that remove advertising tracking + you get exclusive premium features and we pay you ten percent of their bill every month for life) so with that you’ll earn on average about two to four dollars per month per Pro customer that you refer.

Now it doesn’t seem like much right here: you make about a dollar, so the vast majority of this earnings, the 101 dollars, a hundred of it is from your points, a dollar that is from the premium upgrades.

But it will add up: let’s say if you’re a digital marketer or you’re an influencer or you’re network marketer or an affiliate, you can bring a thousand people into Webtalk, now you can earn a six-figure income.

Obviously that keeps going up the more zeros you add so this gets really really attractive if you’re a marketer.

Let’s say you’re not a Content creator or an influencer or digital marketer or affiliate marketer, you’re just an everyday social network user and you want an opportunity to make a good amount of money, well, that’s where our bonus referral rewards comes in.

So let’s say you invite 10 people. Now let’s assume that those 10 people can invite people as well but they’re not gonna buy 10, let’s say the average person invites 3 and that trickles down through five levels of referrals.

Now again this bonus activates automatically as soon as you upgrade to pro or refer somebody who does upgrade to pro so you don’t even have to buy anything to qualify for the bonus.

The bonus just kicks in automatically and then your referral start inviting people. When that happens if they are using the same multiplier, if each one of those three are getting a hundred thousand engagement points a month and getting a five percent conversion rate, your income potential jumps up to six figures and all you did was invite 10 people, engage with the platform and who are engaging and you’re engaging and they invite three each through five levels of referrals.

Now you’re back up to six-figure income again so even if you’re not an influencer or you’re not a content creator or you’re not a digital marketer or affiliate marketer, if you’re just an everyday social network user that knows how to refer people or can just invite 10 people to follow you on Webtalk and they continue to invite people as well, you have an opportunity to earn a six-figure income and it can build and build and build so if you become an influencer or if you, you know, keep inviting more than 10 people and it keeps trickling down, the income potential just keeps growing.

Plus it’s going to continue to grow because we’re gonna continue to launch new revenue streams like Webtalk travel, like Webtalk marketplace, so all these new revenue streams that we’re going to launch are going to continuously increase your earning potential.

So if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at help.webtalk.co. We’re here to answer your questions.

Thanks for watching!

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