Webtalk’s History

2017-11-01: Private Webtalk Beta Launch at www.webtalk.co

2017: Webtalk was named a Top 100 Global Startup by Red Herring Magazine.

2017: Webtalk was awarded a full page in the Grammy… Read more

About Webtalk – A Video Introduction


Maintaining your personal,  professional and business life online has become a daunting task.
Too many choices have created too much confusion while none… Read more

Webtalk News Update by RJ Garbowicz – 2018-10-03-3

Like email, you can filter based on news with attachments but we went the extra mile and gave you three filters to turn you feed into all videos, all photos … Read more

Webtalk News Update by RJ Garbowicz – 2018-06-28

As Webtalk quickly approaches 50,000 users during our Beta, it is my pleasure to announce to you that we expect to come out of Beta within the next two months after a couple more major … Read more