Si a la legalizaci贸n de la marihuana en Costa Rica: you definitely want a Webtalk page! 馃槏

“Si a la legalizaci贸n de la marihuana en Costa Rica”: congratulations for being one of the most popular Facebook pages in Costa Rica! 馃憦

However, you can do a lot better: getting one of the most popular pages on Webtalk, the new social network that eventually rewards you for your activity and the activity of your followers! 馃

A Webtalk page is made for businesses, brands, influencers, media and any kind of organization to showcase their activities and communicate with their followers.

The advantages of a Webtalk page are many:

  • Never pay to reach your own followers: your followers will certainly receive your news updates in their feed. Contrary to Facebook, Webtalk does not determine what info comes in your news feed: you decide it.
  • Sell your services and products directly from your Webtalk page. In case you have an online shop, you can also migrate it to Webtalk.
  • Earn referral rewards for life: invite your visitors to join you on Webtalk and earn 10% commission on all of the revenue they create. You may easily make a 6-figure income and more by simply inviting your fans to join you on Webtalk.

Webtalk Pages are your business Swiss army knife for managing customers, products and staff.

With a Webtalk page you receive these unique features not found on any other social networking platform:

  • Integrated eCommerce to market your products and services
  • White-label to remove advertisements, Webtalk header and plug in your own domain
  • Built-in CRM for customer communication and TRM for private team communication
  • Never get charged to reach your followers (customers/fans)!

However, there’s more: thanks to Webtalk’s unique affiliate program, you can earn unlimited monthly commissions from your referrals for life. Imagine that 10 percent of your current fans join Webtalk as your own referrals: how many people would that represent? Have a look at this calculator to estimate your potential earnings. 馃挵 We bet you could easily earn a 6-7 figure income or more in the coming years… The decision is yours! All you have to do is invite your current followers to follow you on Webtalk.馃捀馃捀馃捀

In brief, these are the top 10 benefits of a Webtalk page:

  1. Increased exposure to potential clients
  2. Collect more prospects
  3. Boost your sales
  4. Efficient channel of communication
  5. Lower your advertising expenses
  6. Reach a targeted audience
  7. Get detailed statistics
  8. Build brand loyalty
  9. Increase your Web traffic
  10. Earn referral rewards for life

While Facebook is in decline, Webtalk is booming! 馃挴 Join the revolution in social media right now! To take advantage of all of the benefits of being a member of the Webtalk Stars team, make sure you enter “STAR” when asked who invited you! 馃弳

Si a la legalizaci贸n de la marihuana en Costa Rica: we wish you a superb journey on Webtalk and also a great deal of success with your Webtalk page!

Expert Tip
These are the benefits if you Join Webtalk with the Webtalk Stars Team
  •  50% added revenue share on top of Webtalk : we redistribute 50% of our net monthly revenue to our team members and charities. This alone can change your life even if you don’t have many referrals
  •  Dedicated one-to-one coaching  for all our team members: we help you succeed in Webtalk
  •  Access to premium ressources  to promote Webtalk
  •  Exclusive tools  to be more productive in using and promoting Webtalk
  •  A dedicated portal  to showcase you and help you grow your following

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