WEBTALK INVITE: ⚠️ Read this before you sign up! ⚠️

While joining Webtalk might definitely seem like a good idea (see our in-depth review), there is one decision that might definitely change your life: joining with the right team.

The right team is the one that not only offers you outstanding support and helps you succeed on Webtalk, but also offers you a UNIQUE TEAM AFFILIATE BONUS 💸💸💸: 50% team revenue share for life. That’s 50% on top of Webtalk and it means you can receive a $1,000 check without having a lot of referrals, just because you are part of THE WEBTALK STARS TEAM. 🏆🏆🏆

Your decision is important as you cannot change team later, except if you create a new account and deactivate the old one.

With already 3,000+ members and growing, and a special focus on celebrities and influencers with a dedicated VIP support, the Webtalk Stars Team is the guarantee to get the best results out of Webtalk, including an increased revenue opportunity for life.

Update: we distributed our first commissions this month 😀 See how happy Iloanya is receiving her bank transfer from the Webtalk Stars Team 😍 This is just the beginning: as our revenue grows, so will our monthly giveaways! We expect to redistribute millions of dollars in the coming years. 🤑

Expert Tip
These are the benefits if you Join Webtalk with the Webtalk Stars Team
  •  100% free for life : No costs, No Gimmicks, We welcome members from all countries.
  •  50% added revenue share on top of Webtalk : we redistribute 50% of our net monthly revenue to our team members and charities. This alone can change your life even if you don’t have many referrals
  •  Dedicated one-to-one coaching  for all our team members: we help you succeed in Webtalk
  •  Access to premium ressources  to promote Webtalk
  •  Exclusive tools  to be more productive in using and promoting Webtalk
  •  A dedicated portal  to showcase you and help you grow your following

This is how the Webtalk Stars Team plans to share its revenue:

Team Webtalk Stars Revenue Share Program

Now the decision is in your hands: will you join in the best team for Webtalk?

About Webtalk

Webtalk is an innovative social media combining the best of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Slack, YouTube and more in a single platform. It offers a unique immensely lucrative affiliate program called Social CPX: the company will redistribute up to 50% of its profits to its basic users, like you and me, based on the number of people they refer to Webtalk. See our advanced income calculator to learn more about your income potential.

The Webtalk Stars Team adds its own revenue share program on top of Webtalk: we redistribute 50% of our monthly commissions to our team members and charities. That’s up to $1000 per month and more for our members in the coming years! That’s why it is so important to join in the right team, the only team that offers you a very comfortable income opportunity on top of Webtalk. 😄

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