New Google Slides presenting Webtalk

The Webtalk office in St Petersburg, Florida, just made public a new, polished, slide presentation for Webtalk.


If you want to display this slides on your website or blog, copy the code below:

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What these slides are about:

  • Meet the founders
  • The problems with current social media:
    • No contact management
    • No data verification
    • No ecommerce features
    • Greed.
  • How Webtalk solves these 4 major flaws with an integrated platform that offers:
    • Universal Contact Management and Networking
    • A Magic Newsfeed
    • A Universal Profile
  •  Webtalk is the All-in-One Relationship Management Platform
  • The different Income Streams
  • The Affiliate Program (10% revenue share for life)
  • The Special 5-tier Bonus
  • Webtalk is the smartest way to manage your relationships and make money

Here is a nice video based on those slides:

Expert Tip
These are the benefits if you join Webtalk now:
  •  Unlimited growth potential:  the sky is the limit
  •  50% revenue share for life  if you are in the first 1 million to qualify
  • Earn on  up to 5 levels of referral  (unique in the industry)
  •  Low competition  until Webtalk goes public. Inviting tens or hundreds of people to Webtalk is easier now than it ever will be.
  •  Many untapped opportunities:  be the first to create a Page for a popular subject or industry and enjoy viral growth when Webtalk goes public
  • Grow your following and  become a successful Webtalk Influencer  for the years to come. The spots are open!
  •  Many more life-changing opportunities! 

Join Webtalk Now and Start Building Your Network (100% Free)


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