Jennifer Hanson: 3 Million Fans are waiting for you on Webtalk!

Jennifer Hanson: 3 Million Fans are waiting for you on Webtalk!

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Jennifer Kathleen Hanson (born August 10, 1973 in La Habra, California) is an American country music artist,[1] as well as serving as Miss California 1994.[2] Active since 1996, she has recorded two studio albums, and has charted within the Top 40 of Hot Country Songs with “Beautiful Goodbye”. Hanson has also written singles for The Wreckers, Bucky Covington, and Billy Currington among others.

One of Hanson’s first appearances was as a backing vocalist on Rhett Akins’s 1996 album Somebody New.[3] A year later, she married singer-songwriter Mark Nesler.[1]

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