How to fund any project using the power of Webtalk (An alternative to crowdfunding campaigns)

In this article, I will share with you an original and potentially very effective method for financing any type of project, an alternative to a risky and costly crowdfunding campaign on a traditional crowdfunding platform.

In short

You will leverage the power of Webtalk’s affiliate program and ask your supporters to join Webtalk for free as your referral.

Once Webtalk reaches the size of LinkedIn or Facebook, you will earn enough from your referrals to fund your project.

In depth

As you may or may not know, Webtalk is a new hybrid personal/professional/business social networking platform, still in its infancy and with immense growth potential. In my opinion, Webtalk has a 90% chance (as of 2020) of becoming equivalent in size, at least to LinkedIn, more likely to Facebook, by 2030. In June 2020, Webtalk reached 500,000 registered users. There is almost a 10,000x growth potential until Webtalk reaches the size of Facebook, and Webtalk possesses the technology and the marketing power to do so.

Now the opportunity for you as an early Webtalk adopter is that you can be associated with this growth and benefit directly from it financially, in almost unlimited proportions.

Indeed, Webtalk shares up to 50% of its revenues (including advertising revenues) with its users for life via a unique affiliate program called SocialCPX. This program includes a bonus limited to the first million users who qualify (you must refer a Pro customer or become a Pro customer yourself from $20/month, which is not going to ruin you). This bonus allows you to earn 10% commissions on 5 levels of referral, making it one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in the industry.

Think that each user you invite to Webtalk will bring in an average revenue of $5/month just from advertising (not including other sources of revenue) in a few years from now, and you will receive 10% of it for every user you invite, down to 5 levels of referral. If you invite 50 active users to Webtalk, and each of these 50 invites on average 6 new active users, you will have more than 50,000 in your 5th level and could earn $25,000/month in a few years from now.

Expand this example and imagine that you can invite 10,000 people to Webtalk, half of them being active, your long-term revenue would be $2,5M/month. This is enough for funding a pretty nice project, right? All you need is the right strategy, a little patience, motivation and faith.

Down to the method itself:

1. Write your call-to-action post on Webtalk

Our example post on Webtalk features a fictitious movie project: "All you need is love..."
Our example project post. Click the picture to see our post on Webtalk.

You will write a nicely crafted post on Webtalk (make sure it is public) presenting your project.

At the top of the post, you will put your call-to-action:

“Join Webtalk from the top of this page (easy and free) to support our project and get your exclusive supporter advantages.”

Following will be a short and attractive description of your project, itself followed by a list of the advantages your supporters will get if they just join Webtalk for free directly from this page (and thus become your referrals for life).

Let’s say your project is a feature film.

The advantages you can offer to your supporters might be:

  • Regular news on the project advancement (make sure you post these news first on Webtalk, to give more value to your supporters). When someone joins Webtalk as your referral, they will follow you by default so that your audience is already acquired.
  • Previews and other bonuses (set pictures, short making-offs, etc.). With Webtalk you can choose to post to a specific audience (your referrals can be put in a professional group to which you can post exclusive news later)
  • Their name in the credits
  • Once the project is released, a free copy of the movie, or a free passport to watch it online
  • Live broadcast of the premiere on a private channel
  • Giveaways and valuable prizes: for example, you can draw by lot one or two of your team members (after writing a short letter of motivation) and offer them an exclusive meeting with the film crew.
  • Your idea here…

Check out our example project post on Webtalk, featuring a fictitious romantic drama movie project:

2. Advertise your project and send your potential supporters to your post on Webtalk

Use all available channels (other social media accounts, your project website, your possible mailing lists, free or paid online advertising, street advertising, guerilla marketing, etc.) to reach your potential supporters and ask them to join Webtalk from the project post page.

You can also organize a special event where you will announce your project and assist people in joining your referral team on Webtalk.

Because Webtalk is free to join, it is not very difficult to convince someone who is favorable to your project to join Webtalk as your referral. Actually, you are doing them a favor by introducing them to a new network full of opportunities.

Your campaign may last from a few months to 2 years or more, until your Webtalk revenue becomes sufficient to fund the project. Set up a long-term communication strategy and a roadmap to achieve your funding goals.

3. Advantages of the strategy compared to traditional crowdfunding

Some advantages of this strategy over the usual crowdfunding campaigns are:

  • It’s original and novel
  • There is less competition between different projects (competition is high on crowdfunding platforms)
  • Your supporters don’t have to pay for anything, they just need to create a free Webtalk account and, if possible, start using it, there is zero cost/risk involved
  • After the project is achieved, the funding continues… For the next project!

What do you think of this strategy and would you consider using it? For what project? I welcome your feedback in the comments.

Jacques-Louis Kreiss
Team Webtalk Stars

This article was first drafted as a post on Webtalk.

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