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Webtalk’s Magic Newsfeed enables you to post text, photos, videos and files? 

AND… it allows you to post a public blog like Twitter, or to your personal connections like Facebook or professional connections like LinkedIn or to private group channels like Slack? 

AND… you can post to your Webtalk, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter connections at the same time? (Slack coming soon) 

AND… you can filter your news as an ALL photos feed like Instagram or ALL videos feed like YouTube or ALL files feed like dropbox? 

AND… you can search your news by keyword? (soon you can keyword search content inside of files, videos and photos) 

AND… you can prioritize news based on your individual contacts by giving them a News value when you connect with them or from your contact management system? 

DID YOU KNOW… Webtalk is launching new features where you can block certain categories of news such as “food” and “politics” based on keyword? 

AND… Webtalk is launching new editing features to turn your blogs into customizable news articles with embedded photos and videos? 

AND… Webtalk is launching new features to turn your news posts into email newsletters? 

AND… Webtalk is launching new features to broadcast you or your screen LIVE to host virtual meetings, conferences and events right from your newsfeed? 

AND… Webtalk is launching new features to pin comments on photos, videos and documents for real-time collaboration? 

Make your magic happen today with Webtalk’s Magic Newsfeed!

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