Delete Facebook, what next? πŸ€”

You have just deleted Facebook and are looking for a better Facebook alternative? We have the solution! 😁

A network that respects your privacy, saves you a lot of time and headache by giving you direct access to the information that really matters to you. And, best of the best, a network that shares 50% of its profits with you instead of despising you like Facebook and LinkedIn do. THIS IS WEBTALK!

How does Webtalk compare with other social media platforms
How does Webtalk compare with other social media platforms

Here are the 12 main advantages of Webtalk over Facebook:

  1. Innovative platform: while Facebook was designed in 2004 and really feels cumbersome and outdated by now, Webtalk is a solid new foundation ready for the years 2020 and beyond.
  2. Better privacy: Pro users don’t see ads and don’t get tracked, under many other advantages.
  3. Customizable profiles that look and feel like a beautiful responsive website, not a social media profile, that offers the ability to showcase your talent to your profile visitors
  4. Integrated patent-pending contact management system with advanced categorization and tagging features so you can manage all your contacts, both professional and personal, from the same location. Segregate your friends from your family from your colleagues instantly so the lines don’t cross.
  5. An improved, patent-pending Newsfeed that offers direct access to the news that matter most to you through advanced filtering capabilities. See news from your colleagues only or your family: you are in control! Filter your newsfeed to see only pictures like on Instagram or only videos like on YouTube.
    Get back control over your Newsfeed!
  6. Magic Newsfeed offers you the ability to post any type of content (file, photo and video) to Webtalk, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Slack at the same time. This is called social syndication.
  7. Your content doesn’t disappear into an abyss after its shared and is cleanly and automatically organized into a content management system.
  8. Patent-pending Marketplace with advanced search features where you will be able to sell products and services directly from your profile and get paid through Webtalk.
  9. A unique immensely lucrative affiliate program called Social CPX, where you can literally earn millions of dollars by referring your friends. Check out by yourself using our income calculator.
  10. Never pay to reach your audience: your posts on Webtalk Pages will always be visible to your audience, unlike Facebook.
  11. 10% donation pledge through the Webtalk Foundation to help the world go non-profit.
  12. Forget about Facebook Messenger: EventWave bridges the gap between virtual and physical networking and uses the power of Webtalkβ€˜s Social CRM contact management system and channelled newsfeed to host last-minute on demand meetups and events. It even summons an Uber to take you to the event and has a indoor/outdoor radar that walks you up to the person in a crowd!
Webtalk features side-by-side compared to other platforms

If you haven’t deleted Facebook yet, we highly recommend this in-depth online guide written by Edward Cant. We also recommend the following readings:

Deleting your Facebook account can be done in 3 easy steps but we recommend you take a backup of your data before proceeding. You might also want to wait for Webtalk’s upcoming social media import feature: the ability to import all your data from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin with a single click.

Facebook users are the largest unpaid workforce in history as stated in this article. Webtalkβ€˜s free Social CPX revenue sharing affiliate program will put a stop to that issue for those who choose to take advantage of it.

“Imagine Facebook and LinkedIn are 20-Year Fords, Webtalk would be the new Ferrari.”

Join a network whose leitmotiv is to put its users first, support small businesses all around the world and build a worldwide community around trust.

Embrace the future: join Webtalk now!

We want to leave you with this funny meme about switching from Facebook to Webtalk: πŸ˜‚

If you too deleted Facebook and gave Webtalk a try, please tell us about your experience in the comments below πŸ€—

If you ever wondered how the world could look like in the year 2030 if Facebook continues to grow, if you like good science fiction with a true social background, you will love the story of Amara and how she organizes the resistance angainst the big Facebook of her time. You will love #Analog2030! 😍

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