About Webtalk Pro Services

With Webtalk Pro Services, you can hire Webtalk‘s best talents for your own business project.

The purpose is to help startups build quality apps linked to the Webtalk ecosystem.

Through Webtalk Pro Services,  Webtalk founders and engineers put their award-winning talent, expertise and experience at every business’s disposal. 

The division offers world class end-to-end startup consulting and insource/outsource software development resources:

  1. STRATEGY: Business  models, revenue models, product architecture, scope planning, wire framing, fundraising strategies, and more…
  2. USER EXPERIENCE: Sales and marketing based-UI/X design, content creation, sales engineering, funnels, help desk setup, and more…
  3. ENGINEERING: Get the perfect blend of US-based & overseas resources to achieve the most optimal time/quality/cost performance.

Amongst the expert resources provided by the division are:

  • Full-stack engineers for frontend and backend development on any device, any CMS, and in any language
  • QA engineers: Quality Assurance manual and automation testers, detailed reporting and A/B testing tools
  • SCRUM masters: certified SCRUM and general project managers for any project
  • UI/UX designers: user interface and experience  designers handling style guides, wire framing and site mapping
  • Strategy/Plans experts: Business, revenue & fundraising models, UX & tech architecture project planning, marketing and branding strategy
  • Infrastructure engineers: Top DevOps, SecOps, SysOps, and architecture implementation engineers

The division is lead by:

  • RJ Garbowicz, founder, CEO and chairman
  • Andrew Peret, cofounder and CTO
  • Basit Hussain, cofounder and chief architect 
  • Jeff Catherell, cofounder and CBO
  • Jamie Pews, cofounder and VP of finance 
  • George Dumitru, principal and product lead

Combined, they have started and/or led companies to hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues, raised tens of millions of dollars from investors, and created dozens of successful products and companies.  

Learn more about Webtalk Pro Services or contact the team at http://proservices.webtalk.co

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