About Webtalk Inc, the Company

Webtalk’s Mission

Improve the quality of life through better technologies.Β 

“Technology should work for you, not you for technology.”

Ultimately, Webtalk aims at “organizing and validating the world’s information, people and businesses to create a trustworthy global virtual economy”, according to its founder RJ Garbowicz.

Webtalk’s Mantra

Communicate better

Alternative taglines: “Being social pays big”, “The Internet, reimagined”.

Webtalk’s Drive

Everything we do from helping others maintain relationships, grow new ones, create career and business success, to sharing our revenue with our users, to our Foundation, is based on our mission to help others improve their quality of life. We can’t think of a better way to spend our lifes.

Why do we need Webtalk Now

Dealmakers like ourselves (entrepreneurs, investors, sales reps, recruiters, marketers, brokers, etc.) have a LOVE-HATE relationship with LinkedIn. We love the research access of having quick access to resumes, but hate the fact that we cannot manage contacts, communication and collaboration with our connections based on their value and stage. LinkedIn loses much of its value after the research element, but could be capable of so much more. Professional networking is the gateway to conducting business as it is the next natural step in the networking process.Β 

Instead, Microsoft acquired LinkedIn ($26B) and went the opposite direction becoming another Facebook, leaving an already massive and still growing market opportunity open for Webtalk.

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