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Webtalk is a new social media that combines the best of Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, Salesforce and Dropbox in a single network.

It is free to use but you have to be invited. is the shortest way to join WebTalk. It serves as your exclusive WebTalk invitation. All you need to do is click on any of the “Webtalk” links on this site. This will redirect you to the WebTalk registration page where you will be able to sign up.

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What is Webtalk all about?

Webtalk is the new social media platform that combines the best of Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, Salesforce and Dropbox under a single unified interface. Webtalk’s many innovative features make it the best Facebook alternative as well as the best LinkedIn alternative.

How does Webtalk compare with other social media platforms

Webtalk is becoming increasingly popular for 2 main reasons:

  • It has features not seen in any other social networking site, like the ability to segregate family, friends and business contacts and a total control over the news feed.
  • It has a unique immensely lucrative affiliate program with a 10% revenue share on 5 levels, meaning you get a 10% commission on all the revenue generated by your referrals down to 5 degrees of separation (only for users who qualify).

Read our comprehensive Webtalk review to learn more about WebTalk.

Why do I need a WebTalk Invite?

Webtalk is an invitation-only network. This ensures everyone gets credited for the people they invite in the network and earn the corresponding commissions for life. The patented Social CPX system keeps track of every user’s downline and all due commissions. Finally, this unique business model allows for a faster, effective and fair development of the network. is proud to offer your personal WebTalk invitation. By joining through us, you will be part of the best WebTalk team online and get premium support, coaching, insights, tips, tricks as well as breaking news updates. Remember: we are your #1 Ticket to WebTalk. Jump in Now! 🐣🐀πŸ₯

How much can I earn with WebTalk?

Webtalk Income Calculator

Use our online calculator to estimate your revenue with Webtalk. You are not dreaming! You can literary earn thousands of dollars per month with WebTalk, as our calculator shows. All you need to do is invite your friends. We suggest you invite at least 10 people to Webtalk to maximize your chances of earning a life-changing revenue. Only Webtalk makes it possible! Jump in Now! πŸ‚πŸƒπŸ„

But that’s not all! We have a secret bonus for you if you join in our team, the Webtalk Stars Team. Are you curious about it? πŸ”‘πŸ’ΈπŸ† Here you can discover what an amazing opportunity you have with us.

Expert Tip
These are the benefits if you join Webtalk now:
  •  Unlimited growth potential:  the sky is the limit
  •  50% revenue share for life  if you are in the first 1 million to qualify
  • Earn on  up to 5 levels of referral  (unique in the industry)
  •  Low competition  until Webtalk goes public. Inviting tens or hundreds of people to Webtalk is easier now than it ever will be.
  •  Many untapped opportunities:  be the first to create a Page for a popular subject or industry and enjoy viral growth when Webtalk goes public
  • Grow your following and  become a successful Webtalk Influencer  for the years to come. The spots are open!
  •  Many more life-changing opportunities! 

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  Expert Tip
These are the benefits if you Join Webtalk with the Webtalk Stars Team
  •  50% added revenue share on top of Webtalk : we redistribute 50% of our net monthly revenue to our team members and charities. This alone can change your life even if you don’t have many referrals
  •  Dedicated support and coaching  for all our team members: we help you succeed on Webtalk
  •  Access to premium ressources  and insider tips to promote Webtalk
  •  Exclusive tools  to be more productive in using Webtalk and to build your own success team
  •  A dedicated portal  to showcase you and help you grow your following (coming soon)

Still have questions about Webtalk? Read our comprehensive WebTalk FAQΒ or contact us. We are happy to help!

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